September Round Up

Wow, October!  That came on quick.  Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes and dig out he hot chocolate.  Here, the weather hasn’t completely turned yet (though the leaves are starting to change to yellow and red) but the mornings are colder and I’m kind of looking forward to digging out my sweaters and scarfs.

September has flown by for me.  We finally got moved into our new house and unpacked and I’ve been taking some me time to do my Mindfullness course which is really helping me focus and look at the world differently.  Work wise, it started slow then picked up, meaning I’ve spent most of the last week on trains going to meetings, shaking hands, and smiling a lot.  It has meant I’m sorely missing out on beauty sleep BUT on the plus side, I’ve managed to get a lot of reading done so there is a silver lining.

Included on my reading list this month were books I loved, books I liked, and a few I probably wouldn’t recommend…


image23164950Still Waters by Viveca Sten – the start of a new series of Scandinavian crime stories, this one had great characters and was well written.

Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller – a debut novel that introduced me to a totally original character who lives life on instinct and is lucky to still be alive by the end.

Liked a Lot

imageimage18476104The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir –  a sympathetic portrait of amuch despised Queen, I learnt a lot.

The Prodigal by Nicky Black – a debut with a real punch, set in 90’s Newcastle and a rather dodgy housing estate.

Taunting the Dead by Mel Sherratt – the first in a series of books I’m really enjoying, well plotted crime fiction with a great central character.

Liked a Little

imageimageAfter Anna by Alex Lake – a good plot but I wasn’t enamoured with the characters

Blood Sisters by Graham Masterton – a crime novel with a touch of horror, the latest in a series of books I think I’m falling out of love with.

Probably won’t be recommending

imageA Mother’s Story by Amanda Prowse – an interesting novel that looks at post-natal depression but it didn’t work for me as an audiobook; I can’t say if the written word would have worked out better.

And that’s it for me.  How was September for you? What would you recommend I read in October?



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