June Update

I’m trying really hard not to start this post with where did June go but – sorry – where did June go? I can’t believe it’s July, which is no doubt why my update for June is late. Still, they say good things come to those who wait so I am not going to stress too much and just do a quick round up of the books I read this month, which were quite a mixed bag thinking back on them

My favourites were all by authors I had read before and could be pretty certain before I picked them up I would like, although they were all different.


This Book Will Save Your Life by A. M. Homes is the tale of a driven man who wakes up one day to realise he may be rich and powerful but it doesn’t mean much if your family won’t speak to you and you don’t have any friends.

Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro is a collection of short stories with strong female characters and more than a few dark subject matters.

The Moth by James Sallis is the second in the Lew Griffin series about a private investigator turned writer and college lecturer who can’t seem to let his past go or avoid trouble.


Not far behind were Without You by Saskia Sarginson about a missing teenager and a sister that won’t believe she’s dead, Winter in Madrid by C. J. Samson, set in the Spanish Civil War this is part spy novel, part mystery, and The Good Girl by Mary Kubica where a kidnapping doesn’t go as planned.


Ones I won’t be recommending are The Boy Who Could See Death by Salley Vickers, The Other Child by Lucy Atkins and The World Before Us by Aislinn Hunter. The first was a no straight away – it was a struggle to finish – the second was a real page turner but the end let me down and that’s the bit I think about when I look back on the book and the third just didn’t seem to know what type of book it wanted to be.

Still three wouldn’t recommends out of nine books isn’t bad. Here’s hoping July is just as good. What about, what did you read in June?



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