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This week, for the first (but hopefully not last) time, I am linking up with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea who hosts a post every Tuesday for people to share the first chapter / paragraph of the book they are reading, or thinking of reading soon.  I really enjoy these tasters when I read them on other blogs so wanted to join in.

Right now, I’m reading The Other Child by Lucy Atkins.

25581195Sometimes a lie seems kinder than the truth . . . but what happens when that lie destroys everything you love?

When Tess is sent to photograph Greg, a high profile paediatric heart surgeon, she sees something troubled in his face, and feels instantly drawn to him. Their relationship quickly deepens, but then Tess, single mother to nine-year-old Joe, falls pregnant, and Greg is offered the job of a lifetime back in his hometown of Boston. Before she knows it, Tess is married, and relocating to the States. But life in an affluent American suburb proves anything but straightforward.

Unsettling things keep happening in the large rented house, Joe is distressed, the next-door neighbours are in crisis, and Tess is sure that someone is watching her. Greg’s work is all-consuming and, as the baby’s birth looms, he grows more and more unreachable. Something is very wrong, Tess knows it, and then she makes a jaw-dropping discovery . . .

I made it halfway through the book yesterday and am finding a real page turner. Unfortunately, I don’t think the opening paragraph does it anywhere near justice…

“Greg had warned her that Boston summers were hot, but he never said it would be like this, sweltering and humid – like Bangkok, like suffocation.  Joe will boil is she leaves him for long, even with the car doors open. There is a silvery line of drool trailing from the corner of his mouth, a babyish touch on his nine-year-old face, but she resists the urge to wipe it away. She has to look at the house before he wakes up. She has to prepare herself for whatever lies behind this astonishingly unattractive mock Tudor frontage so that she can convey confidence and optimism, show him that this move is a great adventure, not a reckless mistake.”

What do you think? Would you keep reading?


  1. You are right, that intro is kind of boring really, but happy to hear it is an addictive read.

    1. It really is. Makes sense as you make your way into the book though.

  2. I think I would keep going. And the premise makes this sound like a good summer read.

    1. Definitely glad I did. A summer read is good description. Or holiday read.

  3. The opening paragraph doesn’t convince me, but your words and the blurb do!

    1. Hopefully the second half is as good.

  4. I do love the premise…and the expectation of “a jaw-dropping discovery.” Thanks for sharing and enjoy. Here is mine: “THE NEW NEIGHBOR”

    1. I can’t wait for the discovery. There are boxes in the basement I need opened!

  5. I like the intro. I know how that can be–having to present something to a young child as fun or an adventure, when really inside your just as nervous or unsure–or even unhappy with the idea.

    This does sound like an interesting book, based on that and the intro. I can’t help but wonder about Greg.

    1. I am definitely not convinced by him yet. Do love these books that make me second guess the characters.

  6. I lived in Boston for a couple of years and the summers are like a sauna. Not sure if I’d read this though. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    1. I’ve only been once for a flying visit. I lived in DC though so can imagine the heat. Good thing the blurb on thi sounds so good I think.

  7. I’d keep reading. I’d want to know what unsettling things keep happening, and what the outcome is.

  8. I saw this book on another blog yesterday and put it on my list right then. So, yes, indeed, I would continue. It sounds very good.

  9. When paired with the blurb, I would continue reading. Girl Who Reads

    1. The blurb is the key I think. It just sounded like my type of book!

  10. I am intrigued by the title, blurb and opening. I would keep reading.

    1. The blurb definitely is what got me. Almost done…still haven’t got to the big twist

  11. Good to hear The Other Child is proving to be addictive reading, I read The Missing One and found it a little slow going so I’ll be checking out your review before making my mind up about this one.

    1. It was. Not sure about the ending though. Need to give it some thought.

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