Weeds Instead of Roses

I love my back garden but I am not much of a gardener. When we moved into our house seven or so years ago, I thought I would be. I poured over books, made detailed plans, planted, watered, pruned. And was left disappointed.  I do not, it seems, have a green thumb.

Enter my dad who, possibly tired of my moaning about what I wasn’t achieving and how, because I didn’t know was in my garden half the time, didn’t know if I was pulling up a soon to be beautiful flower or a weed, said “If you like it, it isn’t a weed. Don’t worry.”.

So I didn’t.  And for the last couple of years, instead of perfectly planted beds, come summer, my garden will be a mass of wildflowers (from mixed boxes so most of which I still won’t know the names of), herbs, and veggies in pots. It is beautiful chaos and I love it, as do the bees and butterflies.

And, yes, amongst all this, there will be weeds. But who can hate them when they brightened up this bank holiday Monday – leaving me, after minimal digging, cutting and raking to sit down with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the sun?


Emma x



  1. I love your dad’s advice and that’s oh so true. I have terrible luck with flowers. It’s not that I don’t like them because I do. It’s nice to have pretty flowers around but somehow I never remembered to take care of them. I do fine with vegetables but I can kill flowers and house plants just by looking at them so my husband takes care of them. I love your bouquet. Nothing that’s so pretty and cheerful should be considered a weed!

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