March Round-Up

So technically I know that today is the 1st of April but it’s still close enough to March to do a round-up I think.

As with February (and January if I’m honest), the month has flown by. For the most part it’s been a good one (if you ignore the insane number of hours I worked and how I completely lost my ability to find work / life balance at the beginning of the month).  The sun has shone more often than it’s rained and I had a birthday party for a bunch of screaming 4 and 5 year olds and my house is still standing. So, nothing I can really complain about.  Plus, I also got to spend some time with my nose in some good (and not so good) books...

The Room by Jonas Karlsson was probably my favourite. Completely off the wall and compelling.


This was closely followed by Big Brother by Lionel Shriver, although it was an uncomfortable read.


Drawing up the rear were Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain (my hopes were too high) and The Bees by Laline Paull (the jury is still out as the memory of it is growing on me).


Dead last, and not for me at all was Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov.

Not the best way to end the month but the other books more than made up for it, a good thing as I didn’t read anywhere near as much as I wanted to thanks to aforementioned crazy working.  Roll on April and less hours and more books. What did you read this month? Anything good?






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