Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain

Title: Keeper of the Light
Author: Diane Chamberlain
Genre: General Fiction, Romance
Source: Purchased
Rating: Liked it a Lot (4 out of 5)


When Annie O’Neill is rushed into the emergency room suffering a gun shot wound to the chest, there is little Olivia can do to save her, although she tries, potentially putting her career on the line. Olivia has no idea who Annie is. Once she finds out, the first thing she has to do is tell Annie’s devoted husband Alec and their children. Then, she has to go home and tell her own husband, Paul. Alec, it seems, wasn’t the only one devoted to Annie. This is the first twist of many in this book, twists that tear people apart – and put them back together.

Whilst categorised as a romance most places I’ve looked – and I can understand why because there is a love story at the heart of this – it didn’t feel like that primarily to me. This was much more about human emotions and how the need for love can make people desperate, and just a little crazy. It was about honesty as well. Everyone in this book could have done with a little more. It would have made all their lives a lot easier, though maybe not in all cases a lot happier.

Diane Chamberlain does a great job of interweaving the stories of the central characters, Olivia, Alec and Paul, and bringing them, along with all their insecurities, to life. I loved how Olivia developed and became her own person after initially seeming a bit weak willed because of how she was with Paul. At the same time, I could have done with Alec being a little less understanding at times – but that is a minor complaint.

The novel is set in the outer banks in North Carolina and I visited there many years ago. I remember it as being beautiful and this book brought it back with it’s descriptions of the scenery, the sand dunes, and the light house – a focal point for all the characters in the book and a catalyst for many of the things that happen to them.

The lighthouse is also the home of the most important person in the story (in a way) because she is the one that can tell them all the truth and set them free. The question is whether she will and what will happen if she does…waiting on the answer kept me gripped and quickly ordering the second book in the trilogy from the library so I can see what happens next. Highly recommended!



  1. I read and enjoyed this one and the next two in the trilogy as well. This book was my first by Diane Chamberlain and now have many books of her back list to catch up on. I agree with you I wouldn’t see this as a romance book so much. More women’s fiction.


    • Good to know the rest of the trilogy is as good. You will enjoy her other books I think.

      Must admit, I hate saying what genre of book I’m reading as it often seems to not match up, which was definitely the case here.


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