January Round-Up

January was a good month. Very busy but lots of fun. I got to spend time with friends and family and didn’t end up working too hard (unlike December, which was insane!). I read a lot.

imageBlogging wise, I made a new years resolution to be more structured in how / when I post and I did an o.k. job with that.ย It wasn’t perfect though and I want to get better at writing reviews as soon as I’ve read a book…I’m very envious of bloggers who seem able to hold down a job, raise a family, and blog consistently…one day. Here is a round up of what I did manage to write about:

Review: The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
My life outside books: A day out at Kenilworth Castle
Review: Take Me Home by Daniela Sacerdoti
Review: The Peneopiad by Margaret Atwood
Review: The Martian by Andy Weir
Review: Rooms by Lauren Oliver
Review: A Bunch of Sweet Peas by Henry Donald
My life outside books: Coddled Eggs Recipe
Review: Police by Jo Nesbo
Review (for my poetry challenge): The Suppliant Maidens by Aeschylus

All in all, pretty busy for me and I feel fairly satisfied with what I’ve accomplished – one day I might feel like a real blogger ๐Ÿ™‚ As for February, weather permitting we will be out an about a bit thanks to half term and visits with family. I’m not sure what else is in store but hopefully most of it will be fun. Have a good month all!

Emma x

9 thoughts on “January Round-Up

  1. I began blogging when my youngest was in college. There’s no way I would have had the time or the focus to devote to a blog when the kids were young. You had a great January!


  2. I can’t do anything before my first . . Or even second cup of coffee Lol! It’s been a busy month for you. I’m trying to be more disciplined too and work on the technical aspects of my blog . . But I get easily distracted and frustrated! Hope February is a good month for you x


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