What I’m Not Reading This Week

Recently, on a Monday, I’ve been posting about what I hope to read in the next week.  However, thanks to a mix of work, work, a cold, and (yes, that word again) work, I failed miserably last week to make a dent in the books I planned on reading. The thought of adding to the list is just making me feel like a bit of a failure so I’ve decided, instead, with a quiet week ahead of me, to focus on finishing up everything on the to be read pile.

That includes The Hero’s Welcome by Louisa Young which I did manage to start – though I only made it through four chapters.  Because it’s from my local library, I thought I should prioritise it as you only get three weeks with ebooks.  I have to say, I am really surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed the little I have read of this.  It’s not my normal type of book but the writing is really good and the story, so far, is really drawing me in.  The only potential downside I can see is that I’m not sure how well it can end for some of the characters – a sad ending may be in my future.

I’ve also got a long car journey at the end of the week which should allow me to finish Emma Donaghue’s The Woman Who Gave Birth To Rabbits which I’ve got on audio book and I’m most of the way through.  I’ve enjoyed most of the stories so far and there has been some really good narration.  I don’t read short stories anywhere near enough and I always forget what an art there is to them.  Plus, it’s nice to be able to dip in and out when the world is a bit crazy.

That will leave me with The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and lots of reviews to start writing up…not sure which I’ll focus on yet – probably the latter as I’m starting to get behind and have a lot of drafts of initial thoughts piling up.  Watch this space I guess – and have a good week!




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