Blogging and the Books I Read

This week, I’m linking in again with Billy from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, who posts a weekly question on his Blog. This week, the question is…

As you grow in your blogging experience, have you become more particular in terms of what you will post on your blog or what books you will read for review on your blog?

When I started blogging, a year or so ago, I had a blog that was quite broad. I had this idea that I’d write about all aspects of my life. I realised pretty quickly though that I wasn’t actually that comfortable sharing so much information. The majority of blogs I read were book blogs and the posts I looked forward to writing most were about the books I read. So, I decided to change the focus of my blog to books with a few other bits thrown in as and when it felt right.

Since setting up, I have signed up for a couple of places to get ARCs etc but haven’t gone over the top. I know what I’m like and know that as soon as I do, I’ll feel the pressure to read them, even if they aren’t books I really want to read. So, whilst I do like a free book, I decided at the beginning that more than anything I wanted to write about the books I would normally read. As I mentioned last week, I use my local library a lot and still get most of my books there. It is such a great way to try out new authors or catch up on those you’ve just discovered and (it turns out) have a huge back catalogue you would have to take out a second mortgage to buy.

Where my reading has changed is that I maybe think more about what I’m reading. As I read, I notice I notice things more and, every now and again, I find myself making notes as reminders for when I write the review (I am such a swot!). Also, I’ve always meant to read more classics and one of the first things I did when I set up my blog was join the Classic Club and commit to reading 50 classics in the next five years. Now, because I love a challenge and hate to fail, I am reading books I’ve wanted to for years and really enjoying them.

Whether I will change this way of reading and blogging in the future I’m not sure – I guess it’s watch this space.

Emma x

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  1. Hello! I’m visiting your blog from Book Blogger Hop. Since the beginning I’ve taken notes on what I read. I have spiral notebooks. January will be 8 years in blogging/book reviewing for me.


    • 8 years. Wow! Bet it’s quite fun to look back at where you started and where you are now. I imagine some of it is a bit like reading your teenage diary…


    • While my book blog, Reading in Texas has been online since 2002, I haven’t posted many reviews until now. Prior to 2014, most reviews are “mini reviews”. I do, however have detailed lists starting in 2004 of every book read. A separate list keeps track of series that I’m reading. My lists are computer files, ’cause that’s just how I work best.


    • It’s a bit like when I first got my kindle and bought every 99p book. I have so many I haven’t and may never read. Only you have to I guess with ARCs. I have one on the go right now but no others.


  2. I also really enjoy being signed up to Classics Club because I love classics anyway but really just needed a little push to get to them. I can imagine that sharing too much information might not be comfortable but book blogging is most fun anyway 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    My Friday Post
    Juli @ Universe in Words


  3. I’m a big library user too. I deliberately set out to get more books from the library instead of buying them. This year, 74 of the 140 books I have read (so far) have come from the library. In 2013, I only borrowed 41 of 150 books. And in 2012, it was only 8. The big difference is that now my library offers electronic books. I refuse to take a library book printed on paper on a trip for fear of losing it. With a traveling job, that severely limited the use I could make of the library. Now, the library book is safely in my Kindle!

    Originally, Reading in Texas was more of a personal book blog with the occasional post about the books I am reading, and participation in memes and read-a-thons. I’m now expanding it to contain more content that I think should be interesting to regular followers. So, yeah — things are changing.


    • I might start seeing how many library books I read. Would be interesting. Mine do ebooks too and audio which I can download online and love. The audio books are what I use when travelling for work. Beats top 40 radio. 🙂 Emma.

      Off to check off your blog. Hope to get that type of longevity.


  4. I really suggest you read what you like ’cause it will feel like a job if that’s not the case. It will burn you out, then it will not be your happy place anymore. I blog about books as a hobby, for fun so I want to make it as much fun as possible. I don’t mind if I don’t have viewers/followers. Being yourself will eventually draw amazing audience that would share the same interests and books as yours. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by my blog babe ♥


  5. I just started my blog! I love books and reading so much that I could talk about them for hours. I think if I tried to post about my regular life, it would get a bit boring. 🙂


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