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This week, I’m linking in again with Billy from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, who posts a weekly question on his Blog. This week, the question is…

Should book bloggers be doing more to support bookshops rather than just give links to Amazon or B&N as a place to buy the printed version of books they read?

I really liked this question, as it made me think about how I read books and what I might do once I figure out what I want my blog to be. I’m not sure I’ve quite answered it (or if I have an answer) but thought it was as good an excuse as any to put down my thoughts.

The first thing I realised is that, although I buy a lot of books, I rarely shop in bookstores. The one on our local high street closed down last year (yes, I did shop there) and the large ones in the city centre always end up leaving me feeling overwhelmed with choice and yet not seeming to find more beyond bestsellers and well known authors. That doesn’t mean I do a lot of online book ordering either. In fact, If it’s not an ebook, it’s rare I buy paper books from Amazon.

I do, however, buy a lot of books second-hand from charity shops and used book stores. I love used book shops because they are small enough to browse without having to constantly refer to a list on the wall to see what section you’re in and I always seem to uncover a gem. Plus, books someone else has already read seem that little bit more loved and to have more character. The older the book, the more the romantic in me wonders who has read it, when, and where.

I also get a lot of books from the library, including ebooks and audiobooks. I am a huge fan of the library. It’s a great source of new books, let’s me try out new authors and means I can keep my daughter constantly supplied with new reading material without breaking the bank. Because that is the best thing about the library. It’s free. And for anyone who loves and wants to encourage an interest in reading in others, that’s got to be a good thing.

Back to the question, though, and my answer that’s not really answer because I think book bloggers should do what works for them. I think people should link to sites like Amazon if they want to and support local bookstores if they are places that they visit and use. If they don’t, I do think these stores will probably disappear. But, supporting bookstores shouldn’t be an obligation just because you blog about books. As long as you are passionate about the written word and promote reading, does it matter? It shouldn’t I don’t think.

As for me, I don’t link to online stores but I can’t say I never will. I can say though that I will always get books from the library and, maybe from now on, will make a bit more of an effort to promote something I feel strongly about. And, whatever my choice, I just hope that I’m helping promote book reading as a whole and, when they cross my path, new and/or under-rated authors.

What about you? Do you support local bookstores or do you prefer online links? Do you feel strongly about one or the other option?

Emma x

If you would like to know Billy or other bloggers answers to this question, click on the link below:

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  1. I rarely shop at bookstores too. To be frank, I almost always purchase my books through Amazon since they offer more affordable prices. I know this can greatly impact local bookstores though, since their hands are tied and are unable to slash prices on their titles like Amazon can. Local bookstores need to bring in enough revenue to cover the cost of the building, employees, etc. :/ But still, some bookstores do overwhelm with both the layout of the products and their customer service.

    My children and I take weekly trips to the library and I cannot agree with you more on that topic. It is a great source to encourage and promote reading. Great post! 🙂


    • Thank you. Glad to know I’m not the only one who supports my library – or find bookstores too much sometimes. I know Amazon are seen as the “Big Bad” sometimes but they meet have great prices and have a huge selection you can browse at leisure so I don’t think that’s that bad. Have a good weekend. Emma x


  2. Well said!

    I tend not to link, partly because I read a lot of older books and some are out or print and some are available in various edition, and partly because it is so time-consuming.

    My local bookshop is lovely so I try to support it and my local second hand bookshops and libraries, because I want them to go on being there. But I do use certain online sellers, and try to think how best to buy to balance things out. There’s a lot said about bookshops and libraries needing support, but we also have to keep things going further up the supply chain.

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    • Balance is probably key to buying and blogging. Posts full of links can be off putting. For older books, i would imagine online may be the best option for out of print books but possibly not sites like Amazon?


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