1. Lovely picture! Those wind turbines always look so futuristic! 😊

    1. Thanks. They do. Hopefully they will be our future.

  2. I like that!
    We have quite a few wind farms in rural areas of Australia – but the farmers complain that they spook the sheep and cattle.
    Although out at sea could spoil a seaside holiday experience & maybe spook the toddlers!

    1. I find them very majestic. I’vw never fotten close enough to know if they are noisy. I imagine they are. These are away from the beach and houses which is probably the best choice if we are going to need more. I would imagine austrailia has a few places like that?

  3. I’ve never seen them in water. Here in Texas they are usually stretched for miles across the empty plains.

    Here’s my Wordless Wednesday!

    1. We’re too small for plains unfortunately. I’ve seen huge fields in california which I imagine are the same as Texas?

  4. Like Deb mentioned, I’ve never seen them in the water either–only in the plains and plateaus out in west Texas. I believe I’ve also seen them in Colorado and New Mexico but I don’t remember exactly.

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