Halloween Hero

With Halloween just around the corner, ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky things are very much on my mind, especially as it means I now only have one week to come up with a costumes for me, my husband, and my daughter. It’s also on the mind of Billy from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer, who posted this question for his weekly Blog Hop…

You accidentally unleashed ghouls from a novel and they are now running amok. What fictional hero (book or film) would you like to help you defeat the ghouls?

I didn’t have to give this one much thought. It would be Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer, because I don’t think there is a creature of the night (or day) she hasn’t defeated.  In my ideal world, we’d fight Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of my favourite novels and ultimate scary character but any big bad would do.


Why Buffy? Because I love that she is a strong female character and think she is a real role model for younger girls. I never get tired of re-watching the shows (yes, I’m a geek).  Plus she looks good whilst fighting evil and is funny with it.  I mean, at the end of the day, what’s the point of saving the world if you can’t laugh about it…

I was kind of unsure about where the party was.  And then I saw the flashing red lights and the ambulance, an it’s like, oh right, of course. Carnage. Death. It’s a Buffy party.

If you’d like to see who Billy, or other bloggers, have chosen for their hero, hop on over by clicking on the link below.

Book Blogger Hop


  1. I still can’t believe I forgot about Buffy 😥 I set up a whole female ghoul buster-squad and then didn’t include Buffy! You’d definitely be sorted with her by your side! Great answer, thanks for sharing 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend!
    My Friday post
    Juli @ Universe in Words


    • Thank you for the lovely comment and the follow – have returned the compliment through bloglovin. Not always a bad thing to not read scary stories. I still end up getting freaked out by Dracula. I am a wimp!


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