Hello and Welcome

Hi and welcome to my new blog, Once Upon a Littlefield.

This is my second attempt at blogging – my first was a lot of fun to write but didn’t end up where I wanted it too.  I tried to write about too many things and struggled to focus.  I ignored the fact that, really, there were only two or three things I really enjoyed writing about.  The first of these, and most of important to me, was books.  A close second and third were the food I made and the places I’ve been (mainly old, crumbling buildings – I am a stately home addict).  So, I decided to start again.

With Once Upon a Littlefield I hope to share my love of books through reviews/commentary and other parts of my life as and when the mood strikes.  I also hope that you’ll find something of interest, a book to read, a place to visit…As this is my first post, there isn’t anything to find yet but, please, come back and, when you do, enjoy!


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